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Croissant 50gr

German bread 400gr

Mini croissant 30gr


Black forest bread 400gr

Chocolate croissant 50gr


Brioche orange 30gr

Mini chocolate croissant 30gr


Topped bagel 60gr

Raisin danish 90gr


Brown bread 225gr

Mini raisin danish 30gr


Brown bread 400gr

Baguette long 290gr


Burger bun 75gr

Half baguette 150gr


Burger bun 30gr

Wholemeal baguette 290gr


Hotdog bun 75gr

Half wholemeal baguette150gr


Hotdog bun 30gr

Farmer bread 330gr


Pita bread 75gr

Country bread 330gr


Ficelle 50gr

Batard french loaf 330gr


Sun flower bread loaf 600gr

Sour dough bread 330gr 


Old style bread 225gr

Soya bread 330gr


Hot cross bun 30gr

Olive bread 320gr


French roll plain 60gr

Black rice bread 120gr


French roll topped 60gr

Efi bread 120gr


Allumettes / pack ( 5pcs )

Efi bread 330gr 


Grissini / pack ( 10pcs )

Efi cheese 120gr


White toast / loaf ( 21 pcs )

Efi cheese 300gr


Whole wheat toast/loaf (21pcs)

Foccasia slice


German bread 225gr







Assorted mini pastry
 Strawberry cheese cake / slice
Pear & almond tarte / portion
 Tiramisu / slice
Tutti fruttie / portion
 Choc & coffee cinnamon tarte/slice
Mix fruits cheese cake / slice
 Chocolate mouse cake / portion
Apple chauson / piece
Peach tarte / portion
Carrot cake / portion
Rhubarb tarte / portion
 Blueberry muffin
Cherry pie / portion
Lemon Meringue Tarte / portion
 White choco cheese mouse/slice
Cream caramel / portion
 Black forest cake / slice
Apple strudle / piece
 Apple tarte / slice
Apricot flan / slice
 Apricot danish / piece
Strawberry cake / slice
 Cornflake cookies / kg
Mini strawberry tarte / piece
 Blueberry cookies / kg
Strawberry tarte / portion
 Mille fuille / piece
Bavarios passion apricot / portion
 Brownies / piece
Lady finger / piece
 Apple pie / piece
Almond croissant / piece
 Chocolate tarte / piece
White chocolate coconut / slice
Cheese cake bake / slice
 Banana eclair
Coconut tarte / piece
Passion & raspberry cake/portion
 Lemon cheese mouse / slice



Raspberry truffle
Coconut truffle
White truffle
Marzipan truffle
Swiss chocolate ( Black Label )
Swiss chocolate ( Praline ):  
        - coffee  
        - raspberry
        - coconut
        - tea  
        - ganache
        - caramel   


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