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Beyond the dessert – the future of Bali Deli

In striving to be a market leader in the Gourmet Supermarket Industry, Bali Deli has created a pioneer supermarket concept which maintains standards of quality for all products and services, while adding new locations within Indonesia. This planned regional expansion is an integral part of the company’s growth strategy which will see an expansion of business with the opening of at least 5 outlets in Jakarta, Balikpapan and Surabaya.

For a relatively young company with 350 employees, we have already launched our Vision, Mission, Core Values and Guiding Principles Statement. 

Bali Deli’s Vision Statement is : 

To be recognized as the Best Gourmet Supermarket in Indonesia specializing in high quality Imported Products, Delicatessen and Bakery delicacies.

To be recognized as an innovator in providing high quality food and beverage through our signature restaurant … Le Spot ( Bali ) and La Tapas ( Jakarta ). 

To enhance the quality of services and products offered to customers, Bali Deli is planning to obtain ISO ( International Standard Organization ) 9001 : 2000 standard certification. This is a quality management system that requires a systematic and consistent working standard to be performed at all times including levels of customer service, internal good governance and hygiene management. With this certification Bali Deli will continue to deliver a consistent level of high quality services which are innovative, inspiring and customer driven.

This will maintain Bali Deli as the Best Gourmet Supermarket in Indonesia.

Bali Deli endorses a strong Marketing approach which defines its positioning in order to enhance an image of a unique quality shopping experience which combines restaurant experience with produce purchase. With a media friendly approach and consistent advertising of new product lines, never before see in Indonesia Bali Deli has a high profile reputation for providing newsworthy stories and has become the most advertised business in Bali.

Recently Bali Deli was voted the Best Café in Bali and the inclusion of a Community Park, which is the only green park in Seminyak emphasizes the goal of building relationships with the local community and supporting various charities. In particular Bali Deli – Bali has a long standing relationship with a large Orphanage where certain product lines are sold with a percentage donated directly to the Orphanage. 

Bali Deli’s signature slogan “ It must be delicious “ truly reflects the style, concept and commitment to excellence that is the foundation of the company.