A good life, as we know, cannot be completed without the pleasure of fine eating. Celebrated gourmet shoppers’ paradise in Seminyak, Bali Deli, recognizes your appreciation of the finer things in life, which is why they continually seek ways to enhance your lifestyle when it comes to shopping for food.

Since its expansion one year ago, Bali Deli proudly presents the largest and most comprehensive selection of fresh delicatessen items in Bali (and perhaps in Indonesia!), as well as a vast array of gourmet imported foods and  selected quality wines. There is an extensive and exceptional fresh fruit and vegetable section, a large wine cellar with monthly promotional offers and staff in the know, and a bakery that is producing fresh bread and delicious patisseries around the clock. Thus, whether your search is in regards to your beloved’s favourite Swiss chocolate, fresh dairy products for breakfast, or simply a decent bottle of wine for that special meal; Bali Deli is the answer. Come in for an exciting and mouth-watering shopping spree, or order food and beverage items directly from Bali Deli’s restaurant, delicatessen or bakery to the privacy of your own home or business. For delivery services, call the Bali Deli PR Desk on 733 555.